Do you have the right energy for career advancement? Step 5


The way you carry yourself or bring energy to your role counts. If you’re feel lazy, unmotivated, negative or you’re just in a bad mood people will notice. It shows in many ways, including your body language and the way you hold yourself during conversations.

Here’s what you need to know now:

Career advancement #5

TIP# 5 Be positive and energentic

The best thing you can do is to remember why you want this job in the first place. Was it your dream job? Or is it becoming a little too hard to handle? Every job has things you love and hate about it. Try to see the negatives as a huge learning experience. Remember there’s always someone else who wants a job and you’re lucky to have one.

Here’s other career advancement tips to help you evaluate your position:

  1. Why time is important

  2. How is your overall work ethic?

  3. What happens when you cut corners?

  4. Your body language doesn’t lie

Are you in your career job? What does your dream job look like?