Your body language doesn't lie. Career advancement - Step 4


This is a huge one for everyone to take note. Even if you’re not looking for career advancement the first thing people notice about you is your body language.

To bring it back to career advancement check out what we’ve covered so far:

  1. Why time is important

  2. How is your overall work ethic?

  3. What happens when you cut corners?

Today let’s discuss how you stand, sit and feel about work. Take a good look in the mirror - what is your body language saying?

Here’s what you need to know now:

Career advancement #4

TIP# 4 Project good body language

Even if you really hate your work or the task you have been asked to do, don’t ever let it show.

As a consultant I go into many different industries and offices where I see deflated employees, especially when change is happening or I have to fix the search engine optimisation capabilities of a newly built website.

In these situations I see people with their arms folded, sitting with their shoulders slouched or greeting me awkwardly. It instantly makes me feel like I may be the enemy, even though I am there to help. It puts me off.

Always stand tall. Smile. Greet someone openly and be positive.

As Roxy Jenko often says - “If all else fails. Keep busy.”

Do you sit up at you desk or do you find yourself slouching? Keep a mental note this week of what your body languages says about you. Let me know in the comments below what you notice.