What happens when you cut corners? Career advancement - Step 3


Over the past few weeks we covered the first step and second step on what you need to do right now to have excellent qualities to be noticed by your employers for career advancement.

Today it’s about why you shouldn’t cut corners or take the lazy route. Why? Because it always shows. The next stage for any employer is to let you go.

Here’s what you need to know:

How to move up in your career #3

TIP# 3 Make an effort

In my opinion, when you do the minimum amount of work people will catch on quickly. You will look like an unreliable person. Remember the onus is on your reputation. Do you really want to risk your reputation by slacking off?

That’s why you should always put 100 per cent effort into every task. Go above and beyond the job description, whether it’s writing an email, greeting a client, speaking with co-workers, or even when it comes to dressing for work. Make sure your face is tidy. For the ladies this means your make-up is done and for the guys, your facial hair is neat and tidy.

Effort is always appreciated, and gets noticed. Dress to impress and to make yourself feel good.

How can you change your appearance to smarten up and make a bit more effort? All comments are always welcome.