How to move up in your career: Step 1


To succeed in any career takes more than your talent. You need to possess the qualities that business owners want and need to help their business succeed.

When you are productive, you’re career will naturally go up a level making you more of a game changer. This means that you’re ahead of the rest.

How to move up in your career #1

TIP #1
Be on time

Always be on time. Better yet, arrive early. I’ve been doing this for years, always arriving at least 15-30 minutes ahead of schedule.

This clearly demonstrates the following traits to your employer, that you’re:

  1. organised

  2. committed, and

  3. enthusiastic

There’s nothing more disappointing than an employee who rushes through the door late and flustered.

How can you become more efficient when it comes to arriving early for work? What’s one thing you can do today?