30 Second Elevator Pitch


Getting an elevator pitch right can be tricky. When you’re ready to present one, it means you have literally 30 seconds to a minute to engage a person that is simple and creates lots of interest. 

The receiver doesn’t always understand that you may be nervous, and sometimes they perceive your nerves as if you’re hiding something because you look afraid.

We race to the bottom, or we climb forward. Stereotypes, shortcuts and shallow invective are effective in the short run, but they’re not useful, important or the best we can do.
— Seth Godwin

When you pitch remember to keep it simple. Use plain English. When you explain it in one sentence, then you’re on the right track. It should create enough interest for the person to ask questions. This is the indicator that you’re pitch is awesome.

Do you need help with your pitch? This is your opportunity to write your pitch in the comments below and I’ll help you rework it absolutely free.

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