Easy Goals for a Start-up


A start-up needs ground breaking intensive foundation work. The first thing to think about is the infrastructure and the capacity for you to build your business.

Using the STARS model to succeed, you begin to assemble the capabilities of people, your funding and technology to start-up your business or product. This helps you shape the business plan. Individuals are more excited in this phase, as the ideas flow and the strategy of the business starts to unfold.

However, this is where you are less focused on key issues simply because the vision, strategy and systems are not yet in place.

Here are some simple steps to keep you focused:

Easy goals for a start up

#TIP Set up your business and do things right

from the beginning

Remember to do things right from the beginning, like setting up your ABN and ACN correctly. Seek funding from the government or through sponsorships. Remember there are no bad ideas or preconceptions.

Look at key challenges and work on a framework or boundaries for your business. My opinion is that you could offer your team an incentive to ensure high performance and this also creates a strong belief in your brand.

What challenges are you facing with your start-up?