How to accelerate your career learning curve


Joining a new company is never easy. You have to be determined to change to adjust to the business - and quickly.

If you want to the opportunity to lead a turnaround - you have to be careful you don’t alienate just about everyone. Change is tricky for most people.

As a consultant, I’m always wary of how I enter a new brand, because my main objective is to increase brand awareness by introducing new techniques and processes. This sometimes comes at the cost of the marketing team who often resist change. I hear “But this is the way we have always done it…”

It takes a lot of communication and sometimes hand holding senior leaders to ensure that changes are met to increase brand awareness and support customers user experience. This results in a substantial rise in sales and leads.

Many leaders fail to focus on learning about the organisation and start to make bad decisions that undercut their credibility.

Before you make changes, here’s what you need to know:

Accelerate in your career


Listen before you START TO make changes

Your first task is to ensure a successful transition to accelerate your learning. Make time to learn and listen to what has been achieved before. Get yourself a business mentor to help guide you. Ensure you understand the logistics behind what has been created, before you start to implement changes.

The more efficiently and effectively you learn the quicker it will be to end vulnerability and set backs. You will then been seen as a credible expert making good decisions that benefit the company on a whole.

What can you learn this week about your company that will help your learning curve accelerate fast?