How to identify problems customers face


The success and credibility of your business relies on solving customers real-life problems or pain points. There are four pain points to consider:

  1. Financial: the customer is over spending for services with their current provider or product.

  2. Productivity: the customer is wasting valuable time using their current provider or product.

  3. Process: the customer wants to improve their internal sales and marketing process, to get more leads, leverage and help priority leads.

  4. Support: the customer isn’t getting the support from their current provider on the sales process or the customer journey.

These pain points can make the customer move on to another business. Identify three problems your customer faces.

If you can’t figure out what your customers’ problems are, you won’t be able to find solutions for them.



Identify at least three problems your current customer(s) face. Set up a meeting to discuss viable solutions.

what problems do your customers face

Customers may even sign a new long term contract and increase your revenue. Remember to always add value to your customers journey and the sales process. These customers end up becoming your most loyal clients.

Once you find the problem, solutions are easy to find.

Can you identify your customers problems or pain points are? What are some of the solutions you can offer today to help them move forward.

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