Love of your mother


Do you wonder how your mother can know you so well? When she calls and asks you how you are, sometimes you believe she’s not really listening. Or perhaps you think she doesn’t quite get you. How wrong you are.

She makes a plan that seems so right. It takes the pressure off. The strain that you couldn’t quite see before. Because you didn’t want to disappoint her. You. Well it’s mostly you for having to change plans. So she does.

Mothers know.

They have a sixth sense about their children. Even adult children.

Never underestimate the power of the mother.

Mine has been mum and dad at the best and worst of times. And through those tough times she may seem distant, but realistically she’s processing. Trying to find the best solution. The one that wont hurt. The one that’s best for you.

And she does.

Thanks Mum.

How does your mother enrich your life?