Are you an A Player?


  1. Focus on the solution(s) and not problem(s). 

  2. Stop all dramatic outbursts - it really doesn’t help the situation at all. 

  3. Stop blaming the time, the platform, the situation, another person etc.

  4. Communicate directly with the person that’s raised the issue.

  5. Stop complaining to others - no one really wants to hear about it unless it’s someone who feeds off gossip.

  6. Turn up to meetings and on time.

  7. Be polite always - especially in emails.

  8. Let it go. There’s absolutely no point in sweating the small stuff.

  9. If someone keeps on talking about a negative situation - stop listening. You are part of the problem by enabling them.

  10. It’s not a problem that cannot be solved. Every problem has a solution, so start brainstorming.

  11. Getting fired up is simple ridiculous.

 What’s the one thing you will take from this list today and use?

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