Talk to strangers with respect


When you see someone that you may think is not from you country, there’s really no need to yell at them.

They may not speak English or your language, however it doesn’t mean that they’re deaf either. One can hear a few feet away from where you are standing.

Try approaching them as if they were an associate or friend. Saying ‘Hi’ would be a great start to the conversation. Rather than yelling at them because you have lost your patience.

Most people are unaware of their surroundings when deep in thought. At the best of times we all have our own stuff going on behind closed doors. So be polite to a stranger, especially a woman.

This will ensure your message is received with enthusiasm, and a polite response will be reciprocated. Rather than the woman staring at you, probably because she’s too afraid of you and is not sure what to say or do.

Every person you meet in the street should always be treated with a level of kindness and respect. Unless of course they immediately show otherwise - like yelling at you. Then it’s perfectly fine to ignore them and walk away.

How have you handled a complete stranger who has lost their patience with you?