Stress does funny things


Ever have those days were nothing seems to go right? People can be so impatient with you when you’re trying to get the words out in a calm and stable manner. They get all hot headed and fly off the handle.

Isn’t it interesting when you are calm and they get angry? You can see the blood rising as their face gets red. It always astonishes me why someone get so angry, especially when it’s not life threatening.

For me, I barely get angry. But when I do, it’s not pretty. In fact it’s horrible and I even scare myself.

In my opinion, it’s far better to be relaxed and chilled. It’s horrible when someone directs their anger towards you. 

I’ve been brought up to let anger go. Realise that it’s your reaction to a situation and not the person. When someone is angry and it goes on for days, it’s actually a form of bullying.

No one deserves to be bullied. If you are - then put a stop to it now.

When you are nice and you don’t get upset, some people tend to make you the fall guy. They say throw around words like “hostile” and really it’s a reflection of themselves.

My opinion is don’t rise to the occasion. A hot head is just that.

How have you dealt with someone flying off the handle? What did you do that worked well?