Cut the clutter


We all have the capacity to collect things. My friend Tony bought several mirrors because they didn’t look right in his bathroom. He didn’t return them but just kept buying more. When I asked him about it, he said he didn’t want to spend a fortune on a mirror and it had to be the right one.

But that’s the thing. He did spend a fortune on mirrors. And each one was absolutely fine in the space.

How many mirrors do we need? Have we become so vain and void of what really matters, that we spend money on things we don’t necessary need? Tony is just one example of someone who loves to buy things to fill up his place. It has become so crowded that it simple looks messy.

When you clutter your home or living space, it can mess with your mind. It can show a disorganised mind. In some cases this may be a form of depression.

Clean out the clutter and watch your life get better and better. You will feel better because you have room to breathe.

Clutter has stagnate energy that makes people anxious. The addiction to anxiety can be prolific. But if you give yourself a little push, you will see that when you get rid of the stuff you don’t use or need, your mind becomes still.

Declutter your mind can start by the simple task of making your bed in the morning. This one thing can be achieved each day. It leads to increased productivity.

It will help you to declutter the mind.

Then you can start selling or giving away the things you don’t use. Put it in three piles:

  1. Use every week

  2. Use occassionaly

  3. Use once a year if that

The first pile you can keep, except if there’s two or more of the same things in this pile, you can only keep one. You don’t need four mirrors for the bathroom! Or five cans of hair sprays!

You can only keep the second pile if it’s seasonable (for example, winter clothes).

The third pile you have to get rid of right this minute. Give it away. Sell on eBay! Donate right now.

Free up your space. Free your mind.

Did you know that when you declutter you bring in abundance? What’s one room you can declutter this weekend? Tell me how you felt after you decluttered - good or bad.

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