Stop being an asshole


When did you become an asshole? Was it because there are changes at work like a new boss or someone you loved working with has left?

There are times when change is inevitable and you my dear have to get with the program.

Here are a few tips to get you back on track and stop being such an asshole.

#1 Put yourself in other people’s shoes - start by looking at the person with empathy. The new boss is just doing their job. It’s none of your business how they do it. What matters is being compassionate and realising they’ve been hired for a reason to shake things up.

#2 Stop criticising. You don’t have to correct the other person or put them in their place. It’s not about winning. Everyone learns at their own pace. Your new boss has ideas - which you can’t see the bigger picture yet. If you keep criticising or gossiping you may end up losing your job.

#3 Being an asshole means you’re the loser - because you’re actually hurting your own reputation. No one wants to work with someone who criticises the practices of your new boss. Seriously let it go!

#4 We’re all created equal - no one is better than anyone else. Being an asshole is all about ego. Trying to be better or think you are better than others is not a great trait. Let’s face it. You may be good at your job but you are not irreplaceable.

#5 Reflection of self - when someone stirs change or rocks the boat, it means you don’t like that part of yourself. Start looking within. That person may be getting to the crunch of the situation really quickly and you’re scared.

#6 Take responsibility - for your actions! Being an asshole means you’re hurting yourself. When you criticise or gossip about someone, you’re actually turning people against you. No one wants to work with a negative person. It’s boring.

#7 Break the cycle - do one small kind act for the person you don’t like right now. That’s right. Break the cycle. It might just be to stop thinking negatively about them. Every negative thought, change into a positive one.

#8 Shut up! Seriously if you haven’t got anything nice to say, stop talking. No one wants to hear it.

#9 Pay for a coach. If you are addicted to the negativity - then it’s time to seek help. A coach will give you the right steps to help you.

Why not calm down and learn how to meditate with your eyes open in less than five minutes. Listen to the #cariacares podcast below.

How does it affect you when someone doesn’t stop complaining or gossiping? How have you set boundaries with them?